For a long time, changing batteries in cell phones was a big problem. Once they had been stuck down, it was incredibly difficult to detach them again. Until an ingenious idea came about – an adhesive tape. The jury of the Innovator of the Year Awards has now nominated tesa Bond & Detach for the audience prize. Everyone can vote – and win great prizes.


Gunnar von der Geest

It was ten years ago that a team of tesa researchers set out to “revolutionize” battery replacement in cell phones. The result: tesa Bond & Detach. Behind the patented technology is a matrix consisting of a special category of elastomers and resins. The unique effect: In their “original state”, the strips stick along their entire length due to their soft and elastic elements. Under tensile stress, however, an “incompatibility” arises between the elastomers and resins. As a result, the properties of the strips change – they become hard and lose their adhesive strength. When tesa Bond & Detach is pulled, the once firmly bonded components become detached from each other. In this way, batteries can be repositioned and replaced quickly, easily and without leaving any residue. Separation of the different components or materials makes recycling easier.

Fifth generation on the market

But even innovative products have to keep on innovating – otherwise, they can lose their “status.” The fifth generation of Bond & Detach products has now hit the market. Over the years, the strips have been continuously optimized, for example with regard to improving their shock resistance properties and reducing the use of solvents. In addition, one major cell phone manufacturer now removes the strips completely without stripping and without leaving any residue. But that’s another story…


billion smartphones

have had the patented tesa Bond & Detach strips installed by manufacturers since product launch in 2014. This is more devices than were sold globally last year (cell phone sales in 2019: 1.37 billion)

Source: IDC

“We were delighted with this award nomination. This has been well earned by the work of a large team over the last ten years.”

Carsten Meyer-Rackwitz, Corporate Vice President of the tesa Electronics Business Unit

Business’s biggest audience prize

The success story that is Bond & Detach has also impressed the initiator of the Innovator of the Year competition – tesa has been nominated for the audience prize. The award was launched by “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” (DDW; The German Economy), a multimedia discussion platform and information network for top executives of German’s 100,000 largest companies. DDW reaches a broad audience with its TV formats; in addition, it participates in high-level events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos.

You can find the jury’s statement on Bond & Detach here (in German):

“Innovator of the Year” Get involved and win!

Up until October 30, 2020, anyone can submit a vote for the Innovator of the Year audience prize. Anyone who submits a vote will be entered into a prize draw, where the prizes include a one-week cruise for two people, a yacht weekend in the Mediterranean and two wine-glass sets worth €820 each. Click here to head to the voting website:

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of the world market share in adhesive strips for battery adhesion is held by tesa. Bond & Detach alone accounts for 21 percent.