At the ‘PR-Bild Award 2019’ (PR-Photo Award), tesa attained the 3rd place in the category “Lifestyle”. The awarded photo was “Kreatividee tesafilm®” – an eye-catcher made of lively colors and with an inspiring DIY idea.


Claudia Greef

A white table lamp, embellished with turquoise fringes, shines in front of an ocean-blue wall. Flowers and decorations in orange, yellow, and red set lively accents – a picture that inspires you to decorate your own four walls with creative ideas. The photo is part of a handicraft tip from the tesa DIY magazine “Kreativ (K)leben”, which offers customized ideas and inspirations for designing with tesa® products – In this case, to spice up a simple lamp, which is decorated with happy fringes thanks to our adhesive tape.


Here you will find the complete instructions to rebuild our fringe lamp.


Motifs that tell a story

The photo succeeded among 600 entries from 160 companies and organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the 14th time already, the dpa affiliate “news aktuell” presented the PR-Bild Award for outstanding photography by companies, organizations and agencies. In 2019, the jury of journalists and public relations experts voted on many truly creative and technically excellent photos. “The winning images show indeed very diverse motifs, however, they have one thing in common: They tell a story, inspire our imagination and open our eyes to a previously unknown world. We learn by looking at them, or they linger in our thoughts,” says Edith Stier-Thompson, CEO of “news aktuell” and initiator of the PR-Bild Award. Alexandra Beck-Berge, Manager Corporate Communications, accepted the award for tesa on October 24 in Hamburg. By the way, the first place went to tesa’s fellow citizen in Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie. With the photo “Elbphilharmonie im Nebel” Hamburg Marketing won the award for “PR Picture of the Year 2019 from Germany”. Congratulations!



from 160 companies and organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland participated in the PR-Bild Award 2019.

Source: news aktuell GmbH